Leather Belt


Leather Belts
Made in England
The leather used in the manufacture of these belts is from the last remaining Oak Bark tannery in the UK. The hides are all sourced from the UK and the tannage is all vegetable based (including the oak bark.) – no nasty metals.
The leather has natural oils and fats which rise to the surface in certain temperatures and humidity. This is called ‘bloom’. Bloom is a waxy substance that can be easily buffed away with a cloth and during normal wear. The belts should do this to themselves whilst being worn with your natural movement.
The buckle is solid brass, sand cast in the traditional method.
The belts have oval holes for the buckle pin so that it lies naturally flat against you.
These belts have been handmade, in a workshop by a master Craftsman... they do still exist.
Enjoy wearing it!

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