Made in the UK




In our opinion the "Heyday" of British fashion was during the 1920s to 1940s, both Mens' and Ladies fashion stood out, elegant yet stylish and practical, quality tailoring that was produced to last, in fact many of our garments have been reproduced from original pieces that we have painstakingly sourced.

Authentic British Clothing deserves only to be made from the highest quality British fabrics which is what we at Oldfield Outfitters do.  We buy only from the very best textile houses within the UK, our Fair Isle garments are made in Shetland and are produced from only the finest Scottish Lambs Wool, our Corduroy is milled from a factory in Yorkshire....... you get the picture, only the "Best" is good enough.  Once our fabric is sourced then off to one of our selected manufactures, most are small family run businesses that have a long and trusted heritage of manufacturing to the highest standards.  We want you to enjoy our clothing and we want them to give you many years of pleasure.  We are proud to be British and proud our garments are made in this "Green and Pleasant Land".