A Barrett & Sons / G Betjemann Crocodile Leather Dressing Case Circa 1879


A Barrett & Sons / G Betjemann Crocodile leather Dressing Case Circa 1879
A stunning example of a Crocodile leather dressing case, more commonly known as a Gladstone bag, although not stamped with the  A Barrett & Sons of Piccadilly, London mark, some of the pieces found within the bag have the A Barrett stamp with the rest of the silver and internal metal mechanisms being made by G Betjemanns & Sons of Pentaville Road, London.  From our research it would suggest that it is an early A Barrett & Sons case because of the high standard of leather and silver work. They did not receive there Royal until 1913, and therefore no makers (showing the Royal Warrant) stamp is present. A Barrett & Sons are considered to be one of the most highly-regarded producers of traditional English luggage. They held a Royal Warrant as Brush and Leather Goods Manufacturers between 1913 - 1923. The company was Founded in 1846 by Andrew Barrett.
This case is in fantastic condition for its age (144 years old). The Crocodile leather has been fed and is in a nice supple condition, there are no rips or tears to the crocodile leather and the stitching is all intact. The case comes complete with its original canvas travel cover; you can just make out the initials on the cover.
On the outside of the case are the previous owners initials WM in a silver monogram.
The contents of the case are listed below:
7 Cut Glass Silver topped bottles - Stamped with Betjemanns Stamp and the silver mark dated 1879 (also present is the former owners initials WM engraved on the lids of the silver bottles).
Leather Writing case with writing pen
Leather ink pot
Leather Match holder
Sewing Kit
Card holder with cards
Button Hook stamped with A Barrett & Sons
Leather backed Mirror
Leather Purse/Wallet
Stamp box with George V stamps present
Loo paper
This case measures 40cm long x 25cm wide x 29cm tall. It is a thoroughly usable bag, if you decided that you wanted to use it, because the Crocodile leather is in such fabulous condition.
They don't make cases like this anymore and if they did the price would be unaffordable to most. This is a high quality collectors piece and considered quite rare.

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