Our Story...

THE INSPIRATION - My Grandfather worked for Courtaulds Textile his whole working life. Starting at 18 years old as a tea boy, his association with the company continued until his retirement !  His service only interrupted by the Second World War where he commanded a fleet of minesweepers.   He was a well dressed "English Gentleman" always enjoying the fashions of the day and his other passion, Motor Cars, the two went hand in hand !  Many of our designs are inspired by what he wore both in war and peace time.

OUR STORY BEGINS IN BORANUP, WESTERN AUSTRALIA - Whilst on a road trip in W.A. I came up with an idea to get a local knitting club to knit sweaters from vintage knitting patterns.  Fast forward 8 years and now working in Brancaster Norfolk England we had our first sweaters knitted by an elderly lady called Dorothy.  Our attention soon moved to trousers, disappointed with the way Golf fashion was moving we decided that a 1930s style high waisted Corduroy and Moleskin was the way forward....or back, depending how you look at it !

Our first trouser order was placed with a factory in Yorkshire, we had a small space in a shop in Brancaster, later that year we launched our first website.  The 1930s trouser sold well so we decided to try our luck with shirts from the same period, we produced a Jersey cotton shirt, very practical and easy to wear, over time we created more authentic products to add to our range.

Always true to our core beliefs of using authentic patterns and designs to create stylish clothing taking inspiration from we consider to be the "Golden Era of Fashion" , manufacturing using only the finest British Fabrics made by craftsmen & women in British tailoring houses.  Our clothing is worn by Golfers, Motoring Enthusiasts, Hipsters, The young, The old and even the odd Television Celebrity. 

"Quality & Style Never Go Out Of Fashion"