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The key to our trousers' impeccable fit lies in the combination of high-quality fabric and careful attention to cut. We take great pride in sourcing our materials from reputable mills and factories in the UK and Ireland. By using the best cloth, our trousers are able to drape and sit perfectly on the body.

Our trousers are not only made with exceptional fabric, but they are also designed, developed, and crafted in England. This allows us to maintain a high level of quality control and ensure that every pair meets our standards.

In our design process, we draw inspiration from our vintage pattern collection. We believe that timeless styles never go out of fashion, and many of our trousers have a distinct 1920s/30/40s look. We also incorporate features from that era that have since disappeared from modern trousers, adding a unique touch to our designs.

Our range of trousers caters to all styles and preferences, from casual slacks to elegant high-waisted options. Some of our trousers are designed to be worn with braces, while others are more suited for belts. When measuring for our high-waisted trousers, please keep in mind that they do sit higher on the waist, creating a different fit than our other styles.

Our Japanese denim jean is a timeless piece inspired by the classic denim worn in the late 20s and early 1930s.

With our unwavering commitment to quality and attention to detail, we guarantee that you will find the perfect pair of trousers in our collection.

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1940s Donegal tweed Trousers
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1930s Navy Twill Shorts
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"The Errol Trouser" in English Grey Marl Tweed
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1930s Denim Jean - The Drifter
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"The Errol Trouser" in cream needle corduroy
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"The Errol Trouser" in Khaki twill
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1930s Cream Canvas Beach Trouser
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