What's around the corner?

We have been busy designing and making some new trousers. The first trouser that will be available is going to be called the 'Errol' (named after Mr Flynn), like the Ralph trouser this is a 1930s style trouser, sitting high on the waist, and featuring double pleats, belt loops, button fly, brace buttons and turn ups. The Errol will be available in three different fabrics; Linen, Corduroy and a Khaki twill. It has taken an age to get these made, but we think it will be worth the wait!

The second trouser that we have been working on is called the 'Arthur'. This is more of a work wear trouser and will be available in a khaki cotton canvas, and dark tan heavyweight corduroy. The Arthur will sit high on the waist and feature, a cinch back, fishtail waistband, button fly and buttons for braces.

The third trouser is a Plus 6 sporting trouser. We have not named this trouser yet! The first batch of this trouser will be made from a high quality Irish linen, colour, Navy. We are hoping that the European Hickory Golf team will be wearing this trouser in their match against the US, later this year.

We are very excited to have found an amazing leather master craftsman, who has been busy making beautiful leather belts for us. He has also made a stunning replica of an officers WW2 kit bag, which will be available to buy from our website shortly.





We continue to seek out quality UK manufacturers to make our kit! and

at some point in the near future we might even develop a new Japanese selvedge denim jean!

That's about all the news on the current lot of products in the pipeline. I will keep you posted!