Vintage Sporting Sweatshirt Inspiration!

For our latest sweatshirt we have drawn inspiration from the sports world of the 1920s/30s along with the 1936 Olympics to create a soft cotton "training shirt", as they were called.  The body is a bold vintage red colour, and the collar, cuffs and waistband a wash blue.

Warm up clothes have always been part of the sports and athletics scene and in many ways little has changed in the features and design from the 1920s to where we are today.  Sweatshirts were made of a heavy knit cotton lined in fleece. They had wide ribbed cuffs, a waistband, round crew neck, and an upside-down triangle ribbed patch at the neck in the front and back that prevented the neck hole from stretching out of shape.  Over the decades, the width of the ribbing and the depth of the V insert made subtle changes to the basic crew neck sweatshirt. Eventually, the back V was removed as fabric processing improved.

In the 1930s designers played with the sweatshirt by adding some new styles: raglan sleeves, a quarter-zip with collar, and printed designs and this is what we have re-created.

Nowadays sweatshirts are worn as everyday fashion items.

1930s Sportswear