Why British Manufacturing Is So Important

Why would we choose to manufacture here in the United Kingdom when we could go abroad and get it done cheaper?!

The UK has been renowned as a world leader in fashion design and production for decades and the "Made In The UK" brand still has global cachet. It is best known for its attention to detail and incredible quality.

There's never been a better time to "keep it local".  As a company it enables us to oversee production and ensure high quality as we can make visits to the factories whenever needed.

Increasing job opportunity and encouraging this skill sector is something we want to support and build on, not lose!

UK manufacturing significantly decreases the mileage a product has to travel and in turn, the fuel required. Keeping all work on British soil dramatically lowers a business’s carbon footprint and therefore the damage caused to the environment as a result.

Oldfield Outfitters are very proud to support British industry.

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