Vintage Leather Writing case/organiser Circa 1950s


For those who want to step away from the digital world we live in and actually record parts of their life in written form.
A tan colour genuine vintage leather writing case, which remains in beautiful, entirely sound and clean condition.
With original miniature notebook within ...which has a similar cover to that used in the case.
A beautifully stitched genuine leather item manufactured in the United Kingdom, with all interior pockets and bands stitched similarly.
With a textured finish, this a vintage item which dates back to the mid 1950s; a superb travel writing case which measure 16cm in width and 21cm in length. In the open position of the case has a width of 32cm.
The lining of the interior is finished in watermarked silk. The case has a zip around closure, with the zip working perfectly.
The case has a retaining leather band which will enclose a pap of paper measuring 18cm x 13cm . It also has a pen/pencil enclosure alongside.
On the opposite side sits a slide in pocket which sits along the exterior wall, with the original notebook sitting within its retaining leather band to the front, and a small stitched pocket to the front of this , designed to hold stamps.
The small notebook measures 8.5cm in length and has a width of 6cm in the closed position.
The pages in the notebook are clean and crisp. This remains in perfect, unused condition.
Enjoy scribbling!


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