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Chambray Work Shirt


Chambray shirt  


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Made in United Kingdom

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Selotape Vintage Union Jack Chambray-denim-shirt-materi






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-100% cotton-

Made from some of the finest light weight Chambray fabric sourced from the UK. This shirt is a throwback to a time when shirts were made of natural fibres and built to last. The shirt is based on one dating back to the 1930s for which we have endeavoured to maintain all the original detailing. These include a pleat on the front and back for comfort, front panel placket with 3 buttons, back panel, single cuff, period collar and a good length. Can be worn as a work shirt or dressed up for a smarter look.


Chambray-denim-shirt-materi Chambray-denim-shirt-materi Chambray-denim-shirt-materi Chambray 1930s style shirt in a denim colour material, pleats Chambray-denim-shirt-materi

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